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Interval Training For ALL Whether you are 17 or 70, most of us have come across the thought: “what type of exercise is right for me?” A recent study released by the New York Times sheds light onto how certain types of exercise can effect us all the way down to the cellular level. As we age, our muscle cells are slower and less likely to regenerate due to our diminishing mitochondria. However, research suggests that certain types of workouts can take back what aging can sometime...
Posted on 2017-05-16
With food, there is fad - and one of these current fads seems to be “less carbs, more protein.” Of course, an overconsumption of carbohydrates (especially “refined carbs” such as white breads, white pastas, etc.) can be somewhat detrimental; however, an overconsumption of any macronutrient can be detrimental - including protein. Right now, most Americans consume about twice the amount of protein that they need. Since protein cannot be stored in the body, the extra is eith...
Posted on 2017-05-02
Want to hear something NEAT? How to overcome the negative side-effects of sedentary behavior Although more attention has recently been placed on limiting sedentary behavior, many still believe that 30-90 minutes of exercise per day can negate the adverse effects of sitting. However, according to the ASCM, “sedentariness is detrimental even among individuals who meet the current physical activity recommendations” (150 minutes/week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise OR 75 minutes/...
Posted on 2017-04-18
Why Aren’t I Loosing Weight?: Nutrition vs. Exercise Currently, an astonishing 2/3rds of our country is considered overweight, while 1/3rd is considered obese. Therefore, it seems reasonable to consider that a majority of our population is interested in weight loss. The issue is that with hundreds of different so-called “solutions” out there (ie. trending exercise programs, diets, weight loss supplements, etc.), people don’t know where to begin. A common response is to ...
Posted on 2016-12-05
Cardiovascular training or resistance training: which one?  Despite the constantly changing fads in the field of fitness and health, there is one undeniable certainty; whether society is placing stress on cardiovascular/aerobic training (“cardio”) or resistance training (“lifting”) at the time, the truth is that they are both necessary for overall health/wellness and are exceptionally beneficial in several different ways. So if you are wondering which one to focus o...
Posted on 2016-11-08
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