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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact every aspect of life for most Americans, we at STAR have been working very hard to try to navigate through this health crisis while remaining loyal and available to our patients. 

As an essential part of the healthcare system and an essential healthcare service, physical therapists help to manage musculoskeletal conditions and keep individuals out of MD offices, urgent care centers, and hospitals. At STAR, we remain dedicated to serving those in our community and have been working to find a safe alternative for those who wish to remain home in an effort to socially distance themselves. We have recently launched a Teletherapy model to allow us to continue to provide care to our patients from the comfort of their own homes. While Teletherapy is not meant to completely replace in-person, hands on therapy, it is a safe, secondary option to ensure every patient has access to their physical therapist while also practicing the social distancing recommendations by the CDC. 

Our telehealth services at STAR will allow for video conferencing with our patients so that we can do the following: 

  • Evaluate new and existing injuries or conditions 
  • Prescribe individualized therapeutic programs 
  • Provide relevant education, monitor progress
  • Assess outcomes of care. 

Our system is user friendly, HIPPA compliant, and can be modified based upon individual preferences and capabilities. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer to participate. 

Please call our office at 585-425-1018 if you are interested in scheduling a telehealth appointment with one of our therapists. 

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