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What to expect on your Initial Evaluation

What to expect on your Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation is your first visit with the Therapist. During this appointment the therapist spends some time getting to know you and your injury/condition. The evaluation is typically 45-60 minutes in length. During this time, the therapist will go over your medical history, current problems or complaints, how this is impacting your daily activities or your functional limitations and your goals for Physical Therapy.

Prior to your time with the therapist, we need each patient to fill out some paperwork. If you would like to get a head start, you can go to the New Patient Forms section and fill those out before your appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to make sure all of your forms are filled out and we have all of your information together before your appointment.


What should you bring to your initial evaluation?

Referral/Prescription from your Doctor

If you do not have a referral, you can be treated as a Direct Access patient (see Direct Access tab)

Insurance Card

Prefilled and printed paperwork

Form of Payment

List of medications if applicable

Any medical information that you believe will be beneficial to your Physical Therapy care

How should you dress?

You should wear loose fitted clothing so you can expose the area we will be evaluating and treating. For example, if you have a shoulder injury, a tank top is a good choice. For a knee problems, it is best to wear shorts. For low back problems, wear a loose fitting shirt and pants so we can perform a thorough examination. 

Aquatic Therapy Patients

If you are here for Aquatic Therapy, your first session will be on land while a therapist evaluates your condition. If you are looking for Aquatic Therapy, please make sure you call our Fairport office to schedule your appointment; our Greece office does not provide Aquatic Therapy treatment.

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