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Physical Therapy

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Insurance Plans

We currently provide service under the following plans:

  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • MVP
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care
  • Aetna
  • Medicare
  • Workers Compensation
  • No-Fault
  • Empire Plan

*If you do note see your insurance plan listed here, please call out office at 425-1018 as we are constantly updating our insurance credentialing process as new plans and policies are created.

Medical Referrals

The New York State Physical Therapy Associationachieved its long time goal of direct access in New York on July 26th, 2006 when Governor Pataki signed S.3169 into law. New York State is the 43rd state to allow consumers to directly access the services of a physical therapist with minor limitations.  This law went into effect on November 23, 2006.  The new law allows consumers to directly access the services of a physical therapist for 10 visits or for a period of 30 days, whichever occurs first. Additionally, the physical therapist needs to have 3 years of practice experience to provide direct access services. Lastly, the legislation stipulates that the physical therapist needs to inform the consumer in writing that insurance may not cover the service depending upon that insurance carriers specific policies.  Medicare, worker’s compensation, and no fault insurances still require a physician referral and prescription in order to reimburse for physical therapy services.

How To Schedule An Appointment

  • Phone our office during regular business hours 7am-6pm, Mon-Fri at (585) 425-1018 or stop by in person
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first scheduled appointment to fill out necessary paperwork
  • Please contact our office within 24 hours to notify us if you cannot make your scheduled appointment
  • Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete your initial evaluation.
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