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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers 

Experiencing pain and injury can bring on gloomy days. It is hard to alter participation in your life. Maybe pain is keeping you from lifting your child, or exercising to maintain your mental and physical health, or sleep, or you just feel distracted because it is pulling your focus. Regardless of how big or small the adjustments to your daily life are, it can be very frustrating. Kind of like a cold rainy day in April when you are feeling very ready for Spring!

The bright side is that in most cases, minor injuries and aches/pains improve with time. Pain is self-limiting and often your body tells you what you can and can’t do. It’s a common misconception that Physical Therapy is only for the injuries that don’t get better with time, or after you’ve had surgery. It’s not! 

We are here to help facilitate your return to fully participating in life more quickly, identify any root causes of the problem to prevent reoccurrence, and improve the quality of your healing process. We can lessen the number of rainy days so you can start enjoying the warm, sunny ones. 

Your physical therapist will carefully discuss all the possible factors that contributed to the development and/or persistence of your injury, helping you understand the proper modifications to make and management strategies to encourage. Next, your PT will evaluate and assess your posture/alignment, strength, flexibility, and movement patterns to determine what areas need attention. Your treatment plan will be determined based on your individual goals, the therapist’s knowledge of your particular injury, and the amount of movement and strength found upon evaluation. Interventions may include manual therapy, instruction on posture/movement/muscle activation, and the appropriate level of exercise progressed at the right pace to improve your strength, movement, and minimize setbacks. 

Physical Therapists are experts in movement and function of the musculoskeletal system. We will not only provide you the knowledge and strategies you need to get better, but we are here to support you along the way; so you can enjoy those sunny days coming soon! 

Kali LaRue, DPT, OCS

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