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Physical Therapy --> Personal Training

Physical Therapy —> Personal Training

Undoubtedly, there are several differences between Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers. Physical Therapists generally diagnose, treat, and manage pain, while Personal Trainers are known to create individualized programs to decrease risk factors, improve function, and enhance overall health/fitness. 

Despite their differences, however, there are some striking similarities between the two. 

The most significant similarity seems to lay in the end goal; no matter the injury, ailment, function, or fitness level of the individual, both PTs and Trainers strive to watch their clients walk away better than they came in. When it boils down to it, both types of professionals want to “help people attain optimal health and function” (Mike Reinhold). Think of it as a Venn Diagram - Physical Therapists and Trainers both have separate and specific roles in client care, yet the two can be merged together through their likeness. 

So, how do we mold these two together to create optimal care for all individuals? By creating a streamline of communication and referral from one profession to the other. If a patient comes in for PT, graduates with success, but is concerned about keeping up with his/her fitness to prevent further injury, this is where a Certified Personal Trainer comes in. With communication between the PT and Trainer, an individualized program can then be prescribed to the client. Likewise, if a client is working with a Trainer and is beginning to feel pain past the point of the the Trainer’s scope, he/she can then be referred out to a Physical Therapist. This all-compassing flow of care points individuals in a safe and effective direction and will help optimize overall health in the long-run.

Several practices are beginning to take on this new model; we are excited to announce that STAR Physical Therapy and Anchor Fitness is one of them! Check out this article about the collaboration between PT’s and Trainers and see the links below to learn more about our business!

www.star-physicaltherapy.com       www.anchorfitnessandwellness.com 

“Feel better, move better, and perform better.” - Mike Reinhold 

Stephanie Spoto, CSCS

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