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STAR- Our Story

STAR - Our Story 

The story starts with my parents, who met and connected through their love for running, the outdoors, and health. They attended Chiropractic College together in the late 70’s, after my Mom had already earned a Physical Therapy degree. After graduating they had a vision to build a practice addressing a continuum of physical health, combining Physical Therapy, Chiropractic care, and Fitness. In 1982, STAR - Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation was born; and soon after in 1984 so was I.  

I think many people develop a deeper appreciation for their parents later in life, and this is especially true for me. I’ve always adored and respected them, but when I became a parent I realized how intentional and hardworking they had to be to hold it all together. Six kids and owning a small business means a lot of balls in the air at all times. I couldn’t appreciate all of that as a kid, but when I became a parent what I hoped for most was that my kids would view me the same way I view them.  

John Ciavaglia joined our practice in 1989, Tony Mencucci in 1998, Steve Koch in 2000 and Heather Chatt in 2011. They all remain part of the STAR family and we are so proud of the loyalty and expertise they bring to our practice. 

After a lot of preparation (and a period of uncertain times - thanks COVID), this year marks the ownership transition to a 2nd generation of “Spotos”. My sister Jamie Thompson and I are now the proud owners of STAR Physical Therapy, alongside our sister Stephanie Spoto who owns Anchor Fitness and Wellness. We hope to build on our parents’ vision that health is an ongoing pursuit. Physical therapy is often the best first step to recovering from injury or rehabilitating chronic pain and should include education on moving well, guidance, support, and a positive atmosphere. Maintaining momentum is key for prevention of recurrent injury and participating fully in your life and activities. Fitness, personal training, yoga, massage, and sauna therapy are all tools that can help in this pursuit. 

Jamie, Stephanie and I are so honored to build on what our parents created, all while raising a family that has been paramount to my sense of connection and purpose. We are grateful for everyone that played a role along the way. Here’s to a great 2022 and beyond!

Kali LaRue, PT, DPT, OCS

Spoto Family Vacation 2019 

John and Marcia Spoto with their 6 children/spouses and 6 grandchildren (and counting!)

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