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Telehealth: What You Need to Know

Telehealth: What You Need to Know

Telehealth can be defined most simply the use of electronic communication in the provision of healthcare-related services. Although there are a lot of confusing terms used to distinguish specific applications of telehealth, consider telehealth as an umbrella term that can include clinical health services (telemedicine), remote monitoring of vital signs, patient and clinician education, and administrative healthcare functions. 

With the Covid – 19 pandemic on the front burner of healthcare in the US, there has been a lot more attention on telehealth. This is because a common denominator of telehealth is that it is delivered remotely and therefore adheres to the very important principle of social distancing in combatting the coronavirus pandemic. 

As essential healthcare providers, physical therapists are ramping up their efforts to offer telehealth services to their patients. The care of acute musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction is critical at a time when our healthcare system is being stretched to its limits. At STAR Physical Therapy, we have been working hard to ensure that our patients and clients have access to telehealth services. 

Our telehealth services at STAR will allow for video conferencing with our patients so that we can evaluate new injuries or conditions, prescribe individualized therapeutic programs, provide relevant education, monitor patient progress, and assess outcomes of care. Our system will be user friendly and can be modified based upon individual preferences and capabilities. 

Please call STAR @ 585 425-1018 if you have questions about our telehealth services. 

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