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The Upside of Diets & Cleanses

The Upside of Diets & Cleanses

With formal diets on the downslope and balanced, healthy eating on the rise, a restrictive diet or cleanse can sometimes be a hard sell. As much as I tend to err on the side of balanced, clean eating, I do think there is a time and a place for either of these options. Below are a few benefits I’ve found:

1.) A metabolic “reset.” I wouldn’t go as far as saying you are fully cleansing your system in such a short amount of time, but steering away from your habitual eating and closer towards cleaner foods can help to give your system a much-needed break from its daily stressors.

2.) Self discoveries. Like any new venture, a cleanse or diet can serve as an opportunity to learn about your body and your mindset around eating. For example, you may find that your body feels better without dairy…or that you will, in fact, survive without satisfying your nightly cravings.

3.) Breaking old habits. Speaking of, habits like snacking at night or changing your eating/drinking drastically on the weekends can add up over time, so putting a hard stop to these may be exactly what you need to end the cycle. It will be uncomfortable, but trust that you will adapt to this new normal over time.

4.) Creating new habits. With this being said, it’s not necessarily enough to stop these habits for a few days, weeks, or months; the true test is in what you do when it’s over. If we dive right back into our old patterns, we can derail much of the progress we’ve made. However, if we take a hard look at our old patterns vs. our new ones and create a strategic plan going forward, we can continue to see progress long after the cleanse or diet ends.

5.) Discipline. Eating healthy is simple, but far from easy. A lot of us know what we have to do..it’s just a matter of actually doing it. Having something that creates some rigidity and structure can help tremendously with keeping us disciplined and on track.

6.) Kick starting your confidence. For anyone looking to lose weight, a cleanse can help to jumpstart this process for you.

Seeing initial progress can sometimes be exactly what we need to keep us going.

If anyone has questions on recommendations, please reach out! 

Stephanie Spoto, CSCS, PAS



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