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» “Warm up” with this quick movement routine
“Warm up” with this quick movement routine

“Warm up” with this quick movement routine

As the thermometer plummets, cold related injuries tend to increase. Most of the time, these injuries can be prevented with a quick and simple warm-up. Whether you are going out to shovel snow or for an intentional walk/run/hike, do yourself a favor and run through this five minute routine before you step outside:

-1 minute jumping jacks (step out to modify)

-1 minute modified mountain climbers (push up position, alternate bringing knees into chest)

-1 minute squats with 5 second hold at bottom (if it feels good, push your knees out and get into adductors/groin)

-1 minute T rotation plank (push up position, rotate into a “T” and alternate)

-1 minute reverse lunges (step back and drop back knee down while keeping your front heel down, chest up, alternate)

Move slowly and deliberately and feel what may need more attention. Throw in any other movements that feel good to you.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. 

Cold at home? Run through this during a five minute break from work, home related tasks, and/or rest. Quite literally, movement will generate heat and allow your body to warm up. You could save some serious bills with a little movement and some extra blankets.

Stay warm and keep moving my friends. If anyone needs further explanations, demos, or modifications for these exercises, don’t hesitate to reach out (E)

Stephanie Spoto, CSCS

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