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Why Anchor?

Why Anchor?

Recently, STAR has been going through some new and exciting changes in hopes of expanding our facility into one that can encompass as many aspects of health and wellness as possible. Not only are we teaming up with Greater Rochester Chiropractic (GRC), but we are also in the process of rebranding our STARfit gym into Anchor Fitness and Wellness. The idea behind this is that individuals will now be able to see the gym as a separate entity that is closely affiliated with the physical therapy side of things, rather than its offspring. With this, our goals are to take advantage of the wonderful facility we have and offer as much to our clients as we can. Our newest offering is the addition of fitness classes to our gym; these classes will be centered around high intensity, yet modifiable functional fitness training. Some of our further goals include offering spinning classes, yoga classes, nutritional assessments and counseling, and more!  

So you may be wondering, why Anchor Fitness and Wellness? The word first stuck out to me when I realized how much depth there was behind it. The anchor represents strength, stability, and support; at Anchor, we will aim to build “strength” of both the mind and body, functional “stability” as well as metaphorical stability of one’s heath, and “support" from both the staff and surrounding members. Essentially, the word epitomizes the exact kind of environment we hope to create. 

The anchor is also a symbol of hope and steadfastness. When an anchor is pulled up from a boat, it represents a new adventure. According to a recent article written by Joseph Panek, “this is a metaphor for how each one of us feel when we finally decide to leave a stagnant portion of our life behind us in order to begin a new journey, voyage, or adventure.” Comparatively, making a lifestyle choice to commit to your health and wellness can be seen as one of life’s most rewarding adventures. 

Lastly, the anchor embodies family. As of now, there have been six members of our family who have worked or are currently working at STAR. We are now in the process of building Anchor, which represents family, as a family.

To read the rest of the article mentioned above, click on the link below! Also, be sure to check out our fitness classes - beginning October 24th!! Click Here to sign up or call us at 585-425-1018!!


Stephanie Spoto, CSCS

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