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Humans are born to move. Unfortunately, modern society has become far too convenient to the point where a lot of us drive, sit, grubhub, and lounge much more than we walk, stand, cook, and play. In fact, it is not uncommon that people will spend most days of their week in the following sequence: wake up, sit in the car, sit at work/school, sit in the car, sit on couch, lay down for bed, repeat. Many daily hobbies have shifted from playing outside to sedentary activities like watching netflix or ...
Posted on 2019-07-07
In the growing world of fitness, there are constantly new trends, fads, and claims being thrown at you in all different directions. It seems as though there is always a breakthrough exercise, piece of equipment, or product on the market that leaves you with more information than you need. With that being said, it’s easy to get lost in the mix and intimidated by all of this new information (especially when, like most things on the internet, it is conflicting and confusing…but that&rs...
Posted on 2019-06-23
Weight loss is not addition and subtraction, it is complex calculus. There are several variables that play into it such as genetics, hormones, age, gender, medications, etc. However, below are five simple ways to tackle this continuously growing issue. Remember, simple does not always mean easy…but with a little effort and a willingness to get uncomfortable, these tips can go a long way: 1.) Drink more water. We often mistake thirst for hunger and end up overeating. Have a glass of wate...
Posted on 2019-06-10
Pre and Post Exercise Nutrition What should I eat before I exercise? How much time should I give myself? What should I eat after I exercise? How long should I wait? Like most things in the field, the answer to all these questions is the oh so infamous…you guessed it: it depends. It depends on the type of exercise you are doing, the duration and intensity of the exercise, and, most importantly, it depends on the individual. Although all these variables create a certain level of complexit...
Posted on 2019-05-28
In an society that sometimes seems polluted with negativity, we each possess the incredible power to dictate our own realities based on what lens we are looking through. In other words - it is not always about what is happening to us, it is about how we think about what is happening to us. The same concepts apply to how we approach exercise. Many of us see exercise as a chore; it is challenging, uncomfortable, and can be time consuming, so we either avoid it or drudge through it and go through ...
Posted on 2019-05-12
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