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In an society that sometimes seems polluted with negativity, we each possess the incredible power to dictate our own realities based on what lens we are looking through. In other words - it is not always about what is happening to us, it is about how we think about what is happening to us. The same concepts apply to how we approach exercise. Many of us see exercise as a chore; it is challenging, uncomfortable, and can be time consuming, so we either avoid it or drudge through it and go through ...
Posted on 2019-05-12
The Catch 22 of Movement Exercise and movement for someone in pain can sometimes feel like a catch 22. Take knee pain for example; someone may tell us that because we are having knee pain, we should not take the stairs or squat. However, stepping or squatting may be exactly what we need to do in order to build up strength around the knee and get some healthy movement through the joint. In fact, if we don’t step or squat, the knee may become stiff and weak and we may lose the ability to do...
Posted on 2019-04-29
20 Minute At Home Body Weight Workout Do you lack time, money, equipment, a gym membership, and/or space to exercise? Your excuses stop here. As excellent as various types of equipment, workout classes, and trainers can be, this is not the only way. It is more than possible to get an effective and high intensity workout in with less than 10 square feet of space and nothing other than yourself in just 20 minutes time. Here is one below: 5 Minute Circuit x 440 seconds on 20 seconds off1.) Body W...
Posted on 2019-04-15
Often overlooked, deliberate breathing can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to strength training. Not only does it help coordinate our movements, but it can be critical for exercise safety. The general rule of thumb is to inhale during the eccentric/ lengthening phase of the exercise (i.e. the downward phase of a squat) and exhaling during the concentric/ shortening phase (i.e. the upward phase of a squat). When we inhale, we create rigidity in our torso and a sort of protective barrie...
Posted on 2019-04-01
Nutrition: are we as compliant as we think we are? With formal diets fading out and the idea of implementing sustainable lifestyle changes on the rise, the phrase “it’s all about balance” has been thrown around quite a bit. As someone heavily involved in the health/fitness industry, but also someone who enjoys high calorie beer as much as the next person, I couldn’t agree with this more. The question is: are we truly being honest with ourselves about how balanced we act...
Posted on 2019-03-14
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