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Supersetting 101 There are many layers to program design. One approach that has become more and more popular over the last few years has been supersetting; in its true form, a superset is a pair of antagonist exercises (opposite muscle groups) coupled together to be performed for a given amount of sets. The overall idea is to give one set of muscle groups their proper rest while working a whole other set of muscle groups, but there are surprisingly many ways to screw this up. Many people think...
Posted on 2019-09-16
I fell victim to this a few months back. Day in and day out I would spend my hours programming for and training my clients; I always made sure they were in order and I was giving them the best service I could offer. In the midst of that, however, I forgot about my own training. I constantly preach taking time for yourself to my clients, so I decided to finally take my own advise. Sure, I would workout. I typically (and still do) lift full-body three times per week, run or play pick-up basketba...
Posted on 2019-09-01
The Power of Walking Walking is the most fundamental human movement there is. Unfortunately, it seems like modern society is doing whatever it can to get us to avoid walking and replace it with sitting. Since chairs are technically man-made, sitting on them is not a natural position for our bodies to be in. It tightens our hips, weakens our glutes, compresses our lumbar spine, and forces us into a forward posture. Walking (with good alignment), on the other hand, is a natural, full-body movemen...
Posted on 2019-08-18
There is a lot of conflicting information out there about fitness. Whether it’s fad fitness programs, a revolutionary “fat-burning” exercise, or how to perform a certain movement, there are normally at least five answers you can find to the same question. At the end of the day, the overall goal at the gym for most is to improve our overall performance/ health and well-being without putting ourselves at risk for injury…but how do we sift through all the nonsense and find ...
Posted on 2019-08-04
Kettlebells 102 A few weeks ago I touched on the basics of kettebells. In summary, there are only a few distinct differences between a kettlebell and any other free weight (i.e. a dumbbell): the shape/feel, the grips, and the ability to execute exercises in different ways. This week I wanted to tackle a few exercises you will commonly see being performed with a kettlebell. Since I am all about full body balance, below are four exercises that will hit all the major muscle groups when performed a...
Posted on 2019-07-24
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