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We’ve all heard common myths when it comes to exercising while pregnant: “exercising will take nutrients away from the baby,” “running is too stressful for the baby,” “avoid abdominal exercises,” etc. The truth is, although your body is in a increasingly vulnerable state, safe exercise can provide a number of benefits before, during, and after pregnancy. Some of these benefits can include: Reduction of backaches, constipation, inflammation May preven...
Posted on 2017-07-11
As we break out of our winter hibernation and begin to bask in the glorious sun, we may find it difficult to avoid the temptations that summer brings. Warm weather means flip flops, swimming, and tan (or in some cases, burned) skin; however, it also means barbecues, beers, and ice cream outings. Here are some tips to help you avoid (or moderate) the hard-to-resist summer foods and replace them with healthier, fresher options: 1.) Away from: fried dough (full of trans fat aka. bad fat) Instead:...
Posted on 2017-06-27
We’ve all been there - an intense workout the previous day has you achy and sore the next. Unfortunately, this can sometimes defer us from returning to the gym; however, getting into a  regular exercise routine can actually help alleviate some of this soreness in the long run.  So what exactly causes soreness? A common thought is that it is caused by a build up of lactic acid; however, research has indicated that this is nothing more than a myth. Lactate, which causes the sensa...
Posted on 2017-06-13
Have you ever bent over to pick something off the ground? Placed a baby in a crib? Performed an acceleration movement in a sport? If so, you have performed what is a called a “hip hinge.” This movement pattern is seen constantly in both sport and everyday life; however, there are several common faults that, if done continuously, can result in low back pain/injury.  Essentially, a hip hinge is exactly what is sounds like. Commonly confused with a squat (where the movement is pri...
Posted on 2017-05-30
Interval Training For ALL Whether you are 17 or 70, most of us have come across the thought: “what type of exercise is right for me?” A recent study released by the New York Times sheds light onto how certain types of exercise can effect us all the way down to the cellular level. As we age, our muscle cells are slower and less likely to regenerate due to our diminishing mitochondria. However, research suggests that certain types of workouts can take back what aging can sometime...
Posted on 2017-05-16
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